24 October 2012

Pointless music post - ‘Happiness Machines’ by Revolted Masses

Been listening to a bit of Greek anarcho-punk and thrash lately; one of the better examples of the latter has been the (relatively) new group Revolted Masses, whose album Seeds of Revolt is actually quite stunning. They enthusiastically layer near-Eastern melodies and death vox over a basic structure of deep, heavy, grooving thrash riffs; the closest comparison I can think of at the moment is Suffocated, though Suffocated tends to be given a bit more to weirdness for weirdness’ sake than these guys are. Also, their politics are quite overt, and they are well to the left of mine. It’s something of a shame (though, as mentioned before, not uncommon in the metal world) that they are also opposed to theism, but given that they sing primarily about society and economics, I have no problem rocking out to them.

Also, any song which samples Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator this effectively gets an eager thumbs-up from me. Enjoy!

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