30 January 2013

Pointless video post - ‘Vejte Snegovi (Zana Cover)’ by Heaven Rain

What’s this? A female-fronted Bosnian-Serbian symphonic prog-power band, favourited by Forever Storm frontman Stefan Kovacevic, covering a Yugoslav pop number from the ‘80’s in a clear and self-professed gesture of Yugo-nostalgia? On that, stat!

Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Heaven Rain fall a little bit to the light-and-fluffy side of what I usually find enjoyable in power metal (and no wonder; amongst their main influences are Nightwish, Sonata Arctica and Ayreon!), but they bring a lot of raw energy and heart and soul to this offering, and Miona Graorac’s alto is a welcome refresher from the sorts of prima donnas who are often drawn to the subgenre (Ms Graorac reminds me a bit of АнДем’s Yuliana Savchenko at points, and believe me, coming from me that is high praise!). The atmospheric, melancholy synthesiser prelude, far from being a song-killer right off, sets the stage admirably for what turns into a credibly solid heavy metal reinterpretation of the original. The guitar work calls to mind some of Galneryus’s work (particularly 2008’s Alsatia / Cause Disarray), though the requisite neo-classicalish solo is (thankfully) reasonably subdued.

All in all, I’m liking what I’m hearing from this band. I’ll continue to check out more of their work; in the meantime, though, please do enjoy this dulcet ditty!

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