14 May 2013

Pointless video post – ‘From Outer Space’ by Alpha Tiger

Meet Alpha Tiger, a German traditional heavy metal band which apparently enjoys nothing so much as rocking out like it’s the ‘80’s all over again. (And given the kudzu-like proliferation of re-thrash, a subgenre which I also listen to as something of a guilty pleasure, who can blame them?) They are unashamed of flaunting their NWoBHM, glam and power-metal influences, the most prominent amongst which are Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Riot, Loudness and (particularly) Fates Warning. They play with speed, but more importantly, they play with conviction. That said, they are not just another covers band (or a band which brings nothing new to the genre): their musicianship is excellent, and they have a je ne sais quoi which makes their music both enjoyable and relistenable. ‘From Outer Space’ is from this year’s album Beneath the Surface; please do enjoy, gentle listeners!

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