10 December 2013

Pointless video post - ‘Preemptive Strike’ by Andromeda

Andromeda are not my usual fare; to be honest, I heard of them through one of the first extreme metal bands whose album I bought and enjoyed (Esoteric by progressive melodeath outfit Skyfire, with whom they share a guitarist, Johan Reinholdz). But Manifest Tyranny, wow! Tell us how you really feel, guys! Raging against the oppressions of market and bureaucracy, against war (however ‘humanitarian’) and capitalism, against social Darwinism and technocracy, these guys really are my kind of band! The subject matter might make you think they ought to be playing crossover-thrash or something, but in truth even though they’re merely pushing their boundaries in a much heavier direction, they’re playing top-tier prog metal. This album isn’t as spacey or as intricate in its tempo and sound as Extension of the Wish or II = I, but it’s definitely still in the same vein overall. Please listen and enjoy, gentle readers!


  1. Hey I was just reading one of your posts on Solidarity. I don't think I was was a huge fan of that song, it was ok. Tell me what you think of these guys if you haven't heard them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0s0BJSCEwA

  2. Hi Jonathan! Thanks for the recommendation ! That sounds pretty interesting, actually - kind of a mix of Nevermore-style modern thrash with the death-rock stylings of Entombed or Hearse. I'll have to check out more of High on Fire's work...

    Yeah, I realise Andromeda are not everyone's cuppa - Manifest Tyranny is certainly their heaviest album and that's not really saying all that much. Still, some nice moments in there, and the lyrics slay!