19 February 2014

Now, more than ever

Pray for Syria as the talks fail and as the fighting resumes.

Pray for Ukraine as the death toll from the protests continues to mount.

Pray for Palestine as her people continue to suffer beneath the shadows of development.

And most of all, pray for us Americans and especially for our elites gone astray, who are so hell-bent upon wreaking more death and destruction in all three places. Lord, have mercy upon us all.

And whilst we pray, let us consider the horrific effects of the current alignment of American foreign policy with some of the most ugly and regressive elements of global politics: in the Middle East, murderous Sunni extremists who value the lives of Shi’a Muslims, Christians and Jews at nought; and in Eastern Europe, murderous racists and fascists who value the lives of Poles, Russians and Jews at nought. The voices of the Christians who are every day facing the podvig of simply surviving in their traditional homelands of Syria and Palestine are usually politely ignored and swept under the rug by the American political class, or (less often) viciously savaged. Let’s give of our time and attention and money to causes like this one, and make sure that the currently-voiceless allow their own voices to be heard.

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