22 April 2014

Pointless video post - ‘Rock until You Drop’ by Raven and ‘C’mon Let’s Go’ by Girlschool

Recently I’ve been on kind of a Motörhead kick and have been looking for sort of similar-sounding artists (even going as far afield as Dimmu Borgir’s Shagrath’s retro side project Chrome Division), and wound up listening to some of the NWoBHM stuff in my library, including Hit and Run by Girlschool and Raven’s newish album Walk Through Fire. I actually never realised how much I appreciate that particular, bluesy sort of traditional heavy metal sound until I was on my tenth listen-through or so of Hit and Run. It never ages, never gets old. Interesting also to me were a few of the socially-tinged lyrics on these albums, which got me interested in the political views of the artists. Girlschool’s second guitarist Jackie Chambers is apparently quite politically-minded, is critical of mainstream media and is a fan of Russia Today and Al Jazeera; likewise, Raven headman John Gallagher is also intensely critical of the mainstream media and seems to be quite anti-corporate lobbying, anti-banking industry and anti-Monsanto. (Rock on, guys and gals!) At any rate, even though these views rarely surface in the lyrics of the music itself, the music is amazing: sheer, kick-arse traditional heavy metal the way it was meant to be played. Do enjoy, dear readers!

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