09 August 2014

Pointless video post – ‘Тамо’ by Деспот

Believe it or not, the other songs on this album aren’t this folksy at all, but rather have a more power metal or traditional heavy metal texture to them. Which makes me wonder why they chose to do this track for a music video. Oh well. The song isn’t without its charm, though, that’s for sure! Serbian Orthodox folk metal; what’s not to love? The lyrics of this song in particular are all speaking about awaiting the heavenly Kingdom to come, but some of their other songs have a patriotic feel, with one about the Battle of Kosovo in 1389. It makes one think that perhaps, if they took themselves about half as seriously as they do, they would be very much akin to Slough Feg; the musical style is quite similar, and the inspirations taken from Celtic folk music are evident in both. Anyway, please do enjoy the opening track from Despot’s debut album - as with other up-and-coming metal bands in the Balkans, it’ll be fun to see where they go!

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