14 October 2014

Pointless video post – ‘Healing Tongue’ by Spirit Caravan

Wino Weinrich is my kind of guy. Not only does he have one of the most awesome metal voices since Lemmy Kilmister, but as one of the leading visionaries of doom metal from his time in The Obsessed and Saint Vitus, a fighter against and survivor of addiction, there has always been a spiritual bent to Wino’s music (well, maybe not so much in this song - this one is just plain awesome from a musical perspective). But he does seem to have led a charmed life, and being an outspoken, contrarian, curmudgeonly left-wing peacenik and fan of Dennis Kucinich I do find myself in broad agreement with his social and political priorities!

Anyway, Saint Vitus’s Born Too Late is a great album, as is everything he did as the headman of Spirit Caravan. The Hidden Hand is less heavy and a bit more progressive than Spirit Caravan (to judge by Devoid of Colour and The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote), but lyrically it is much more direct. Basically Spirit Caravan showcases his artistry of fuzz, his ridership of the heavy riff and his mastery of the gravelly blues-rock vocal kick. Do enjoy ‘Healing Tongue’ here (from The Last Embrace), and give a listen to... well, anything the man has ever done. I guarantee you it will be time well-spent!

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