16 March 2015

Pointless video post – ‘There Will Be Consequences’ by Xentrix

Xentrix are back! Well, they have actually been back for some time now (the thrash reunion having become something of an institution by this point), but they now have a new song out. Give a listen! They seem to have somewhat gone the latter-day Lääz Rockit route with a sound that meshes a speed-thrash tempo with a more ‘modern’ groove-influenced instrumental kick; purist adherents of their classic Bay Area-influenced, socially-conscious Shattered Existence and For Whose Advantage? albums may be a bit disappointed by this, but you know what? Screw ‘em. Great as those albums were and still are (for the anti-capitalist and anti-war lyrics as well as the instrumentation), you can’t expect a band as awesome and dynamic as Xentrix to stay in one place for twenty-five years. And there is still enough classic Xentrix riffage here to go around, grittier though it may sound than it did in 1989. Maximum respect for the thrash titans of Albion! \m/

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