29 March 2016

Pointless video post - ‘The Last Station’ by Kahtmayan

Now for some mellow, groovy, proggy, folksy, instrumental Iranian heavy rock, my gentle readers, from one of Iran’s seminal heavy metal albums, Exir, by Kahtmayan. There is certainly some thrash and some NWoBHM influence to be heard in Kahtmayan’s output, but these aren’t the primary or most notable influences. They demonstrate a very notable talent for dynamics. There is a definite direction to the energy of their music, a definite folksy Middle Eastern flavour to a lot of the melodies they use. It is innovative but it isn’t inaccessible at any point, and certainly not on this song, which is the album’s clincher. Melodies with soul, that’s what they’ve got! And in this humble listener’s opinion it’s fun just to be along for the ride. Do give it a listen, gentle readers!

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