15 May 2017

Pointless video post – ‘Fake Healer’ by Metal Church

A villain at your bedside –
Take this and you’ll be fine.
Severely educated,
Just pay your bill on time.
I think it’s time for another test;
I need more of your blood.
Sign this affidavit
So my insurance won’t go up!

You’re dying on a stretcher;
We’ll try to save your life.
If you can’t afford my service
I will let you die!
I’m ‘trusted and respected’,
Says my diploma on the wall;
Before I will do anything
I’ll give your bank a call!


  1. Taken from one of the greatest, semi-neglected, proggish albums of the genre, hobbled by a terrible production job and master. Those who persevere know their reward.

  2. Indeed! I love Blessing in Disguise, but yeah, if the mastering doesn't sound a bit dated...