13 June 2017

Iraqi Christians are still being treated like dirt

This is utterly vile.

The neoconservatives in the Bush Administration lied bald-faced to the American public, lied to the world, destroyed Iraq as a united country, and in so doing placed the vulnerable ‘living stones’ of the region in mortal peril.

The Great White Hope of Real America that Never Was, with many of those same Bush-era neoconservatives at his side (people like Pence, Sessions, Haley, McMaster, Powell, Bolton, Billingshea, Sullivan), is now committing the same acts of grave and heinous evil on some of the most vulnerable displaced people on the planet. People whom he has promised to defend. And now he’s throwing them straight under an oncoming bus – now that they’re no longer politically convenient and now that he thinks no one is watching.

These people’s lives matter. They are our brothers. They are our sisters. And yet they have no home, no means, no protection. They have only their faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ, and for that they are hated and despised, beaten, mutilated, shot, stabbed, blown up by their neighbours, and they are coldly shut out and thrown to the dogs by our government. Ours. How much longer must these blameless people suffer for our sins, we who would claim a common faith with them?

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us sinners.

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