01 September 2017

Holy Martyr Haifal the Deacon

Saint Haifal, Deacon and Martyr

On this day on the Church calendar, we commemorate, along with the Day of Indiction for the Ecclesiastical New Year and the feast day for the Protection of the Environment, Saint Haifal the Deacon, a Persian follower of Christ who was martyred alongside his fellow-believers the Holy Hieromartyr Akepsimos of Naison and the Holy Priest-Martyr Yousef, during the harsh anti-Christian persecutions of Šapur II.

Holy Martyr Haifal, we ask your prayers and intercessions to Christ our God, that He might have mercy upon us sinners, and that He might in His mercy protect your people from our government and grant us peace!
You were pillars of the Church, O servants of godliness,
And you humbled the proud worshippers of fire.
Much afflicted hierarch Akepsimos, Yousef the presbyter and Haifal the deacon,
Pray to Christ our God
To grant us His great mercy.

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