23 September 2012

Chinese-language blogging at 《月氏騎士》

It has been awhile, but I hope that my visits back here may be more frequent in the future! I am currently in Inner Mongolia, and have been thrown face-first into my new job (teaching from the first day on the ground, which I have been grateful for - it was good to get some refresher-experience before my full day of teaching on Saturday). In addition to this Blogger blog, I now also have a Sina blog, The Tocharian Rider (月氏騎士) after the ‘frontier poem’ I wrote last year. The posts on that blog will be entirely in Chinese, but I will attempt to cross-post translations here (or vice-versa, depending on which version I write first). The content should be fairly similar to what is normally posted here. Please follow, my gentle readers, if you should so choose!

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