13 September 2012

The Ministry has spoken

Shorter concerned Very Serious Liberal Dolores Umbridge Nick Kristof, in today’s Daily Prophet New York Times:
This isn’t about the unions, and these aren’t garment workers striking against corporate bosses, this is about the children! And if you really care about the children, you will focus on firing their teachers based on their standardised test score-based teaching evaluations; that’ll straighten them all out.
Oh, yes, of course. And we all know how much you care about those garment workers and their basic labour rights, don’t we, Madam Undersecretary? Thankfully, we have Corey Robin and Erik Loomis setting the Establishment Liberal line to rights on this topic, as well as Diane Ravitch (H/T to Corey Robin for the links).

EDIT: A more thorough take-down of the standardised test-happy Nick Kristof piece here at AlterNet, by Sarah Jaffe.

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