13 April 2013

A few pertinent questions

I realise that this is a couple of days late, but I feel these questions are still quite pertinent.

Are we really still pretending to be surprised even at this late date that al-Nusra has declared its allegiance to al-Qaeda? Are we really still attempting to draw non-existent distinctions between such ‘fronts’ as al-Nusra and the anti-Assad militants in Syria (I shall not dignify them by erroneously calling them ‘Syrian’) in order to justify our past support of them? Are our news media really going to let themselves (and presumably, those gullible enough to listen to them and believe them) be led about by the nose by the not-Free not-Syrian not-an-Army, taking at face value their PR statements ‘distancing’ themselves from the likes of al-Nusra?

Most importantly, do they truly believe our leaders are that easily fooled?

Well, given our past experience with mujahedeen in Afghanistan, with drug dealers in Central America, with Islamist militants (both Bosniak and Albanian) in the Balkans and with fib-peddling exiles from Iraq, I suppose it stands to reason. But that is a sad indictment upon certain portions of our political establishment in any event. The truly sad thing is that it is the Syrian people - Alawite, Christian and Sunni - who will continue to pay for British, French and American follies in lending aid and comfort, as well as more material support, to these terrorist groups.

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