18 April 2013

Pointless video post – ‘Rebellion’ by Guillotine

Hold the phone.

What the heck is Extreme Aggression-era Kreator doing in Sweden, of all countries, and in 2008 of all years? And why are at least half of the members of this band Nocturnal Rites? (Not knocking the NOC by any stretch here, mind you, but you have to admit that this is pretty far removed from that band’s melodic-heavy sound. I’m guessing Fredrik Mannberg and Nils Eriksson decided to compartmentalise, though it goes without saying that both of them are equally awesome in both sub-genres.)

The musicianship here is sterling, and the lyrics are driving, radical and pissed-off in full tribute to late-‘80’s thrash. But in all honesty, what has changed between 1988 and 2008? The Soviet Union may be dead, but the imperialism under the guise of human-rights hypocrisy, the war, the greed and the technology-induced alienation have all gone completely unabated. Is it any surprise that we should see a Second Coming of the Kreator? For that matter, though, the original Kreator aren’t exactly gone either, though ironically they have adopted a musical style which owes as much to modern Gothenburg-style melodeath as it does to the thrash they pioneered. Enjoy, folks, and remember (to paraphrase Emma Goldman): a revolution without thrashing is a revolution not worth having!

Oh, and for comparison, here’s some Nocturnal Rites:

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