23 September 2013

Pointless video post - ‘Beneath a Veil of Crying Souls’ by Tad Morose

Yes! It’s finally here! The whole song! It’s been ten years since they released their last album, Modus Vivendi, but now they’re back with more mindblowing melodic thrashpower with extra power to spare! Okay, yes, I am nerding out here. But this is Tad Morose here, one of the greatest groups of unsung (at least in the US) geniuses in heavy metal! The new vocalist, Ronny Hamlin, has some big shoes to fill since Urban Breed left the band, but his Dio-esque hard rock wailing fits Tad Morose’s musical phrasing perfectly. And all the raw energy and thick bass-drums groove we came to expect from their previous albums is here in spades on this song - they were most definitely not slacking off this past decade!

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