12 September 2013

Pointless video post – ‘Chameleon’ by Masters of Metal

Killer thrashpower, and therefore objectively superior music. 2013 has been a good year for thrashpower so far, all things considered - first Tad Morose announces a release date for their new album Revenant, and then, just when I thought Agent Steel would disappear into a multidimensional vortex of litigation and production hell never to be heard from again, they reform as a four-piece called Masters of Metal and produce this gem of an EP, rife with science fiction, aliens and conspiracy theories galore. Everything an Agent Steel fan could want - I love it! (As I remarked to one of my co-workers, they had to have been supremely sure of themselves if they were releasing an EP under such a cheesy name, even if it is derived from their own lyrics on Sceptics Apocalypse!) Do indeed give ‘Chameleon’ a listen, gentle readers: Juan García and Bernie Versailles haven’t lost their touch yet; indeed, they sounds like they’re just getting started!

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