15 July 2014

Pray for the Holy Land

The sacrilege and rapine of the ‘Islamic’ State in Iraq and the Levant have reached new and unholy heights. They show no respect either to the living or to the dead; 3000-year-old Assyrian statues, a statue of Arab poet Abu Tammam, even the tomb of the Holy Prophet Jonah (who is honoured not only by Christians but also by Jews and by all sane Muslims) is not safe from these mad defilers! In Mosul alone, 11 churches have been set aflame. The Christians and Shi’ite Muslims of the region have been subject to every indignity and persecution imaginable under the ‘Islamic’ State’s tyranny: murder, rape, torture and extortion.

This must stop. Please do whatever you can: praying for the victims, giving money to reputable and trustworthy orgs helping refugees and victims of the violence, speaking out against the ‘Islamic’ State and encouraging others to do likewise.

Also, please pray for those killed and injured in the recent accident on the Moscow underground. May God quickly heal the wounded, and may He make the memories of those departed to be eternal.

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