13 September 2014

Pointless video post - ‘Один день из жизни Егора Кузнецова’ by KYPCK

Can anything possibly be more awesome than a metal band singing about Russian history? How about a Finnish metal band, singing in Russian about Russian history? On top of that, a Finnish metal band with a particularly industrial-metallic sensibility (in spite of being pure doom), using Red Army-reminiscent uniforms and Kalashnikov-shaped guitars. It is clear from their lyrics that they approach the topic of Soviet history with a kind of grim fascination, yet at the same time (from the interviews the band has given) they seem to think it was a noble experiment gone horribly, horribly wrong - and therefore a suitably tragic topical field for a doom band to write about. Actually, for the most part, they sing about more general existential or religious topics, or the pains of daily life (as in this song). ‘Один день из жизни Егора Кузнецова’ has a particularly Sabbathy feel to it, and therefore suits my tastes quite well. Russian. Doom. From Finland? Oddly satisfying. Give it a listen (or five or six)!

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