06 September 2014

So future

I just wanted to give a shout-out to a good forum-friend, FB acquaintance and fellow-traveller of mine, Ding Hansen, who has a new blog up and running called I’m So Future. He isn’t religious at all, and of course he’s a hip-hop fellow rather than a hesher, but we run pretty much on the same wavelength on a broad range of issues economic, geopolitical and social, and in general sharing a social-justice leftism tinged with what might be considered traditionalist concerns. And, of course, we both have a shared distaste for Western left-liberal foreign policy hawks who can be distinguished from neoconservatives only by degree, not by kind.

And his blog post on Chinese racism against blacks and Muslims, and how (white, liberal) Westerners continue to be complicit in it, is devastatingly dead-on target and worth a thorough and a careful read. And he also happens to be a wittier, cleverer and less prolix writer than I am, so please do stop over and enjoy, my dear readers!

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