02 April 2017

No more war in Yemen

When we are called before the throne of Christ at the Last Judgement, one of the great crimes and abominations against Him that we – Americans of my generation, myself included – will be called to account for, will be the destruction and deliberate starvation of hundreds of thousands of the poorest people in one of the poorest nations on the face of the Earth, on behalf of one of the world’s most obscenely and corruptly wealthy families and their insane, Puritanical right-wing religious ideology of Wahhabi Islam. Insofar as American bombs continue to fall upon the least of these, and insofar as American arms continue to blockade Yemen from the humanitarian aid its people desperately need, this country continues to blaspheme against the Incarnate God, and we will not be held blameless!

The war in Yemen is a grave sacrilege not only against human dignity, the dignity of the poor, the freedom of religious expression. It is the final abandonment even of those principles by which we claim our intervention is justified. No longer are ‘democracy’ or ‘human rights’ even paid lip-service; no longer do we even front any kind of intellectual defence of our insane interventions abroad! So far are the US and the NATO nations mired in a kind of imbecile autopilot with regard to our collective foreign policy that we betray even the supposedly-‘humanitarian’ principles that policy is supposed to be based on when it comes to servicing our grasping, bloated, blood-drunk Saudi ‘allies’!

This is not a partizan complaint, by the way. This war was originally Obama’s bloody project. But now Trump has made it his own, and has escalated this theatre of the Forever War on these unfortunate innocents far past what Obama had done. Cessation and repentance are the only way forward.

Not one more starving child. Not one more aid convoy incinerated by American-made bombs. Not one more ship blockading a desperate, parched and starving Yemeni port, where people are eating garbage merely to survive. If we do not stand up and confront these enemies of God and man within the Gulf states and within the entire NATO military alliance, within our own country and within ourselves for our silent complicity – our own children will think of us as no better than the ideological monsters of the twentieth century that we were facing down, and they will be right. This God-damned (and I say this not in vain, but with the full force of meaning in each word intact) war must end.

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