28 August 2012

Pointless video post - ‘Dust to Dust’ by Sinbreed

What is it about Germany? Seriously. They always seem to churn out these unspeakably talented bands, including relatively new ones like Sinbreed (see also their Encyclopædia Metallum entry, here - sporting members of both Blind Guardian and Seventh Avenue? I’m in). They are not an explicitly Christian band, though their lyrics do tend towards Abrahamic meditations on fate, free will, sin and redemption, with a few darker Orwellian and Lewisian themes thrown in for good measure; not quite Threshold, but still a bit more weighty and philosophical in terms of subject matter than most power metal bands of this style. More to the point, though, these guys are holding high the raw, thrashy Teutonic power-metal torch of bands like Accept, Paragon, Grave Digger and Rage, pumping out chunky, thundering riffs with total conviction whilst still remaining open to a bit of keyboard experimentation more along the lines of Lost Horizon or Sabaton. Some melodic ear-candy here for those of my readers who got tired of me posting thrash videos in my PVPs; enjoy it!

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