21 January 2022

Update from Arabia tristis

The worst humanitarian crisis in the world continues unabated, thanks to the Saudis and the UAE, and thanks to continuing American support for both of those hideous anti-human governments. Airstrikes against Ṣan‘â’, using American-made bombs, have cut off access to the internet for thousands of Yemenis, and killed or injured at least 140 people. The silence regarding these atrocities from American outlets is deafening. In fact, the sole response to this, this democide of a Yemeni populace already suffering from starvation and preventable disease, from the Biden Administration has been to talk about reclassifying Ansarallâh as a terrorist organisation. Do not be fooled: God is taking note of all. And for the sake of a suffering Yemen, there needs to be a complete freeze on arms sales to the Saudis until a peace agreement is reached, and Biden needs to be held to account for the blood that is now on his hands, as it was on Trump’s, and as it was on Obama’s.

20 January 2022

Pointless video post – ‘Monetary Gods’ by Rage

Peavy Wagner is back, and more pissed-off than ever. Honestly, though, who can blame him? The idolatry of the global elites, and the way that they have been running the world, is indeed enraging, and Rage gives the perfect answer to it here. Enjoy!