18 August 2009

Last night at home

I'm all done packing, except for the computer I'm writing from. I've said goodbye to everyone in my extended family in Vermont and New York, and will be saying my goodbyes to my immediate family tomorrow. I spent my last day at home giving my insurance company through Peace Corps the occasional call to make sure everything is in order, walking around the East Side, browsing bookstores with my sister, watching Quantum Leap and playing the Save the Whales boardgame with my family - not really productive at all, but a day well-spent before the big plunge.

Next stop, Georgetown, D.C. and my Peace Corps cohort (whom I am very excited to meet). Final destination: the big K and two years of English teaching!

I'll keep in touch with everyone as best I can, through this blog, through e-mail and hopefully through a cellphone (when and if I get one).

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