21 March 2010

After-action report

As my gentle readers may be aware, I applied to graduate schools (specifically master's programmes in international relations) this past winter, and have now heard back from them all. Long story short, I was admitted to six of them: the University of Minnesota, Syracuse University, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Washington, American University and George Washington University. Overall, I'm incredibly happy with my results! Now I have some majorly tough decisions to make (like blue and buff, blue and red, blue and gold)...

Over the next few weekends I'll be going out to Syracuse, DC and Pittsburgh to visit a few of these schools; after doing so I may have a clearer idea of what my preferences ought to be, or at least what I want to look for in the courses of study I've been admitted to. So far, the certificate option at Pittsburgh and area studies concentration at American look the most flexible when it comes to fashioning a course of study involving foreign relations in both Central Asia and China, but the career services and professional development and training courses at GWU look amazing...

Also, weather around here has been on the warm side of comfortable, perfect for walking, and as of yesterday (20 Mar 2010) it is now officially spring. That can only mean one thing:

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