14 May 2010

The theory of communicative action: an exegesis and commentary by John M Osbourne

I often think our Ozzy's quite a bit deeper than we give him credit - if you actually listen to the lyrics of the song, he really does seem to be talking about the fragmentation of consciousness and the neuroses that develop from the rationalisation of our lifeworlds away from their intended purposes and their colonisation by social media that want to strategically use them to sell us a bill of goods that we don't necessarily want. Of course, the truly tragic irony of this song is that its own purposive rationality has been colonised these past two decades by Blizzard Entertainment and the corporate patrons of the Superbowl to sell us World of Warcraft (among various other kinds of rubbish we don't need).

Of course, Heidegger might have a thing or two to say objecting to the limiting dasein of the title and refrain of the song 'Crazy Train', but that's another commentary entirely!

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