05 August 2010

You tell 'em, Bernie.

Once again, Bernie Sanders at his best, marshalling his impressive logical skills and mastery of fact to the pressing economic issues of our day. It's actually kind of a shame that he's one of the very few who is willing to really broach and engage with the issue of the broadening wealth gap between the richest 1% and practically everyone else, rather than ignoring it or pretending it doesn't exist. His solutions for infrastructure and health-care are partial, certainly not silver bullets when we consider some of the cultural factors relevant to our health-care expenses (our unhealthy social priorities and general consumerist lifestyle, for example), but I think we would do well to consider them seriously. And you have to admire a guy who expresses the level-headed common sense common to the Champlain Valley in an unapologetic Leafer accent.

(And that's not my pro-Vermont bias talking at all. Nope.)

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