12 September 2010

Tired old meme

Apparently there's an old Internet meme called Wikipedia names your band that I came back to recently during a study break. The rules are as follows - do a random search on Wikipedia; the first page you come to will be the name of your band. (This was what I got.) Then do a random search on quotationspage.com and take the last few words of whatever quote comes up at the bottom of the page (which turned out, for me, to be this quote from Sr Mary Corita Kent). Finally, take a look at the past seven days on Flickr and use the third image you come across as your album cover. I can't link again to the photo I'm using, but I can display the finished product:

Turned out sadly well, actually, since it actually suggests the sort of band I might listen to in real life.

Choir went pretty well today, actually. First Sunday in choral vestments - I forgot how sweaty those things could get... but the songs we were singing were fun: William Byrd in The Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems.


  1. My band is much more trendy sounding: Jonkonnu Parades. Our first album is "one took one's problems and sorrows with one." And the cover art is a blurry, brown photo of -- a windowsill, maybe? Can't really tell. Very hip. Jonkonnu Parades - look for us on iTunes soon!

  2. Nice, Bill! That does sound hip - I'll have to pick up some Jonkonnu Parades next time I'm at an FYE...