10 December 2010

To the Honourable Mr Thorbjørn Jagland...

... and the esteemed members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, with regard to the recent award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo.


If I may be perfectly frank, your historical selections of Henry Kissinger and Yasser Arafat were embarrassing enough, and even President Barack Obama's award (however much I may admire the man personally) was of a highly dubious and political nature. But if we must award this prize in particular to noted bigots, corporate tools, supporters of indefensible wars and seditious imperialists, I have a modest proposal for the Committee to consider. Next year, someone ought to place a posthumous nomination for a man every bit as accomplished in furthering the cause of international peace as Liu Xiaobo has been, and I look forward to congratulating the memory of Mr Vidkun Quisling.

Alternatively, you could do us all the favour of resigning.

All too sincerely,
M F Cooper

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