21 April 2011

Object lessons in how atheists should not comport themselves in online debates


Also, thank you, Robert Farley. Speaking for those of us who happen to believe that there may indeed be a teleological dimension to human existence (i. e. a god of some kind), I can assure Ms Marcotte that we are every bit as sincere about our debates on eschatology as sociologists and economists (who can equally be accused of 'making shit up') are about their debates on modernisation.

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  1. It's because of people like him that I get by with "estranged Anglican" instead of "atheist." If a label describes anything, it indicates what sort of people you'd like to be around.

    For all that, every school of thought can be legitimately accused of making shit up, particularly when it's time to publish a paper/attend a conference in order to score tenure/tail. That this happens shouldn't distract us from the relative merits of the discipline, although as a somewhat reconstructed historian I have a few choice things to say about teleology...