27 July 2011

Pointless video post - ‘Hordes of Chaos (a Necrologue for the Elite)’ by Kreator

Ah, Kreator, prodigal sons of thrash metal, the melodic elegance of the searing rage that your music has lent to a truly sucky news week in human affairs (terrorist shootings in Norway, more terrorism in India, train accident in China with the usual initial evasions of responsibility, starvation in Somalia) is worthy of great praise. It is a good thing that my chosen vice is heavy metal; I am not certain how I could stay sane in a truly insane world of ‘everyone against everyone’ without it.

One of the great titans of Teutonic thrash, Kreator made several highly ill-received ventures into Gothic metal before returning to thrash with their album Violent Revolution; it looks like they’re working out the kinks in their style, as they’ve been playing a progressively more melodic style of thrash since Violent Revolution, and Hordes of Chaos is no exception to this rule.

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