22 September 2011

A brief meditation on being 25

Yesterday was my twenty-fifth birthday. It’s rather boggling to the mind that I have now been present on this earth for a quarter of a century – the tricks time can play are sometimes rather cruel. I can remember a time when Bill Clinton’s hair was a colour other than white. I can remember a time when Al Gore was a politician rather than a voice in the wilderness warning modern society of its ecological danger and calling for us to repent. I can remember a time before the 11th of September, 2001. Much as I dislike saying it, we’ve changed. And we’ve not always changed for the better. I suppose I could say the same of myself.

I’ve lived in six houses, one apartment and three college dorms, across three countries and six US states. I’ve said hello to a very friendly cat when he was one, and said goodbye to him when he was fifteen, only to say hello to two more cats (not as friendly). I’ve visited more national parks than I’d care to name, and I’ve stayed at home more than I should. I’ve been a member of a Mennonite church, a Lutheran church, a Church of the Brethren, a Congregationalist church, a Methodist church, a Friends meeting and three Episcopal churches (which I have made my home-on-pilgrimage). I’ve become an ardent metalhead. I’ve attempted to figure out where I fit into this world, and I suppose I won’t stop now.

Anyway. Here’s to the next quarter-century. Here’s hoping that it may be more hopeful and humane generally than the last, but every bit as memorable.