26 February 2012

Sofa-sitting on Google+

Oh, dear.

President Obama’s Google+ page is apparently experiencing a massive shortage of sofas. They’ve all been claimed by Chinese internet users, a sadly remarkable high percentage of which are the same sort of newbs we have over here who take to spamming forums and comment threads with ‘first’ comments. Also sadly remarkable is the high percentage of mei fen dang yuan and general idiots posting there, in jest or not, asking the President to ‘liberate’ China the same way he did Iraq and Libya. Not funny, dudes. Our military men and women are not toys – something all too many of our own politicians forget on a regular basis. You didn’t hear me asking the PLA to invade the US back when Bush was president, did you? And we all know, of course, that post-Saddam Iraq and post-Gadhafi Libya are such shining models of freedom, human rights, democracy and liberation in today’s world…

Oh, well. Boys will be boys, and trolls will be trolls, no matter what their nationality.

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