10 October 2015

New blog address

Dear gentle readers,

This is just a brief announcement; though if you are reading it here, chances are that you already know what it entails. I have shut down my previous Blogger account and switched over to a new one. Because I am, unfortunately, quite lazy about updates, I have yet to get around to doing the kind of drastic housekeeping that involves, for example, rebuilding my blogroll. So if you are the author of one of the blogs on my sidebar, please be patient and please don’t be offended; believe me, it’s nothing personal against you! And I will get around to rebuilding my blog one piece at a time.

To my Facebook audience: all links prior to my post on the dangers of money will no longer work. If you click the link, make sure to replace ‘existentialmusingsofmatt’ in the URL with ‘heavyangloorthodox’. My apologies for the inconvenience!

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