20 March 2016

Happy Nowruz, and Blessed Sunday of Orthodoxy

To all of my friends in Greater Iran and Central Asia:

Наурыз құтты болсын! !نوروز مبارک

Happiness, prosperity and good fortune to all my Iranian, Kazakh, Azeri, Georgian, Armenian and Kyrgyz brothers and sisters! May your dastarkhans be plentiful and your houses be warm with love and good fellowship! I wish you all one hundred more happy new years!

And not only is it Nowruz for my friends in the greater Iranian world, but it is also for us in the Orthodox Church the Feast of the Triumph of Orthodoxy, when we celebrate the victory of the Iconodules under Empress Saint Theodora (whose icon I have posted below) over the Iconoclastic vandals.

This is the Faith of the Apostles,
This is the Faith of the Fathers,
This is the Faith of the Orthodox,
This is the Faith which has established the Universe!

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