18 June 2016

Hallelujah for Fallujah

The Iraqi Ground Forces have retaken about eighty percent of Fallujah from Daesh, including the city centre and Fallujah General Hospital. The Fallujah assault has been in the works for months now; slowly but surely, the Western-created monsters of Daesh are being driven back and some semblance of order is being restored, at least on the Iraqi front of the war. Good news is a most welcome guest in the East.

Unfortunately – and I know I sound like a broken record saying so – the American government is still shielding the terrorists—uh, sorry, ‘moderate rebels’—on the Syrian front of the war, in preparation for a renewed military involvement in Syria under a Clinton (or Trump) government. Once again, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that our government has a vested interest in creating as much instability as possible to the detriment of truly moderate and secular government forces in the region (and certainly to the detriment of the region’s native Orthodox and Catholic Christians), in the interests of the murderously-ideological Saudi régime and the Turkish Islamists, both of whom have vested interests in destroying Syria and decimating its populace: Shi’ites, Christians and sane Sunnis alike.

Now is not the time for fatigue and apathy to set in (though I know it has for me several times before now). Now is the time for anti-war activists and anti-imperialists in the United States to be more active and more vocal than ever. At this point, barring a massive third-party insurgency (which I am not, by the way, ruling out), whichever nominee is elected, the inertia and deep-state impetus will be toward renewing and escalating the bloody civil war in Syria. This has to stop.

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