10 October 2016

Ordinary Russians still say нет

to this entire farce of a ‘democalypse 2016’. Among Russians, 57% polled say they don’t know whom to support, don’t care who wins or just flat refused to answer the poll.

In other words, October has changed nothing and will change nothing. Ordinary Russians – apart from the liberals and the hardliners – really don’t see much to choose between the two evils.

In addition, notably, a plurality of Palestinians (42%), and large minorities in a number of Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries, would choose neither candidate. Hardly surprising at all, given the stance of each candidate on Israel.

America: please listen to what Ivan Petrovich Sidorov of Uriupinsk, and Fulan al-Fulani of Gaza, are telling you; also level-headed British Tories like Peter Hitchens and level-headed American realists like Col Andrew J Bacevich. This election year has been, to use a term one of the candidates inordinately loves, a disaster – both for this country, and for those areas of the world most likely to be impacted by American foreign policy.

EDIT (14 October): I do enjoy Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov’s non-comments about our election. They are a guilty pleasure. But I enjoy them very much indeed.


  1. I suppose the question is whether the Americans will elect the most militant of the past America superpower regimes, with Clinton surpassing both Bush and Obama in outright hawkishness, or a complete wildcard. As many see, Trump really doesn't say anything concrete, and has little understanding of current American foreign policies, which means when he takes the throne, what would he actually do? Some people would risk it, others wouldn't.

    Either way, we elect one more warlord. But our nation is one that is built on blood and bones and it will only continue as such. Nobody cares what the world must suffer for American dominion. The US is merely one more instance of Assyria, and the gods of the nations will fall. But I pray that the consequence will be the protection of Holy Jerusalem (the Church), even as the false cult of the Ten Tribes is scattered to the winds.

    Christians in this country need to renounce their Americana, but sadly that's the last thing people will do. They would rather venerate soldiers than martyrs, flags rather than crucifixes, politicians rather than priests. And I speak as a Protestant.

    2 cents,

  2. Agreed, Cal. And thank you!

    As a society, we certainly don't seem to be doing a good job of avoiding wrath, danger, affliction and necessity, no matter how we might pray for deliverance from all of the above. I fear that our fall will come hard, and I pray that our declining world empire gets let off as easy (in world-historical terms) as Britain's has.