12 December 2016

It’s all connected

A few hard truths:
In truth, my gentle readers, it’s all connected. And here’s another hard truth:

This will all remain equally true under Trump, as it has under Obama.


  1. Some good points there, though I don't think its American bombs being dropped on Aleppo.

  2. America has, by our government's own admission, bombed Deir Ezzor (which has had the effect of prolonging the conflict).

    1. And Russians bombing Aleppo is not going to prolong the conflict?

      Tell you what, I won't mention Russian bombs again if you don't mention American or British bombs again.

    2. First, speaking as a localist and as a citizen of America: because I'm not a Russian, Russian bombs aren't my primary moral concern.

      Second, speaking as a realist: supporting and defending the only viable state authority in that geographical area (however objectionable) carries a vastly different moral weight, in objective terms, than working to undermine the same.

  3. Bombing Aleppo will shorten the conflict and result in a lesser loss of life over time *because the rebels in Aleppo, and elsewhere, are Salafists, whose rule over Syria would be worse, in any modal world, than the real one in which Assad retains control over the country.*