20 August 2011

Back in the Burgh with a killer case of jetlag

I need some orange juice – got as much as I could during my thirty hours on flights and in airports, but apparently not nearly enough, and that’s the only thing that has been proven to help me with jetlag. I’ll probably pop over to the Sunoco station soon and see if they have any. Got to bed at about 10:30 last night and got up at 3:00 in the morning and couldn’t get back to sleep, so here I am typing random thoughts which will be posted later to my blog.

So, I’m back. And main glad to be – I missed Pittsburgh quite a bit. The bridges, the rivers, the skyline dominated by the Cathedral of Learning, the familiar streets and sights and smells (it’s been awhile since I’ve walked past a Jimmy John’s)… but that was before my streak of infernally bad luck hit. In my jetlag-drunk stupor, I left my house keys on the table and left the apartment to walk to the post office to check up on a package that had been marked ‘delivered’ but which had mysteriously gone missing. Neither post office I went to could help; and it was then I noticed that I was missing my keys, so I went to campus and called my landlord on a phone I borrowed from the Card Office. At that point, they were not willing to let me back into the apartment without proof that I was allowed to be there (the lease is in my roommate’s name, and he’s in DC at the moment), so I went to the computer lab to send an email to them, which I just managed to do before the skies opened up, complete with thunder and lightning, and the power went out. All over Oakland. For four hours.

Thankfully, I was able to borrow somebody else’s phone to contact my landlords, and they let me back into my apartment, if just to grab my computer and phone and keys and head out again in search of electricity and internet. Hillman had electricity, but internet was sketchy to say the least. (I’d gotten some orange juice at one of the only stores open on Forbes – 7/11. The others were Starbucks and McDonald’s; a passerby remarked to me that if ever Starbucks or McDonald’s shuts down, you know that it’s the end of the world.) Eventually, I gave up and went home with Jessie, and slept off some more of my jetlag.

So… yep. Here I am. Still jetlagged, and still writing about it. Can’t really much think of anything clever or worthwhile to say here; just let everyone know how I’m doing. I’m only back in Pittsburgh these couple of days; I fly out with Jessie tomorrow to Providence to visit the family. I’ve had just about enough of airports, I believe… At any rate, best to my readers, and hope these past few days have been kinder to them than to me!

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