21 August 2011

Pointless video post - ‘Brainwashed’ by Nuclear Assault

Herein is my latest exhibit in how truly amazing the late Reagan years were in terms of musical output - most of it (like Nuclear Assault here) stridently anti-administration. Nuclear Assault was a crossover byway of the New York thrash titan Anthrax, started by bassist Dan Lilker (also of SOD and, briefly, the sadly underrated German thrash band Holy Moses). Their music also happens to be virulently catchy, even if their vocalist is slightly grating - though I think their message is almost better suited to today’s media environment (replete with the inanities and distortions of 24-hour cable news) than it was even to the day and age in which they were singing. Please take a couple minutes to enjoy a solid headbang or two to ‘Brainwashed’, my good and gentle readers!

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