27 August 2011

Pointed video post - ‘For Whose Advantage?’ by Xentrix

It’s rather sad that thrash metal from Britain gets so often overlooked, particularly given the roots of thrash in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal – Motörhead, Judas Priest and Diamond Head being massive influences on the subgenre as a whole. Xentrix, along with a few other gems – Sabbat, Pariah (and their love-child, early Skyclad), Lawnmower Deth, more recently Gama Bomb and Evile being a few of the ones I enjoy – has some very notable output which should be listened to today. Just as true today as in 1990, during the first Gulf War:
They do not want to see their own stupidity
For whose advantage anyway?
This reckless nature you display
Is raping those who have to obey

On a very closely related note, there are some good posts by Neil Clark and John, linking to a very enlightening (if polemical) Counterpunch article, on the Libyan war – sorry, ‘intervention’ (a topic on which I have been sadly remiss since it began). I made the point that if we do go into Libya, it should be solely for the right reasons, and with sensitivity to the fact that our actions (‘our’ in this case being NATO) would come under heavy scrutiny from the Rest regarding our motives. It appears we have approached Libya, sad to say, with neither the necessary caution nor the necessary sensitivity. In the end, this will be to the advantage of the petrol companies; it very much remains to be seen whether it will be to the advantage of the Libyan people.

The smart money indicates that it is not.

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